Re: Singe click selection with checkboxes

With rubberbanding in list view scheduled for 2.14 [1](I hear from reliable sources) "cumulative selection" will be possible in both icon and list views. Whether or not to toggle selections on overlaps can be discussed. I certanly see the benefits, but also the drawbacks for inexperienced users.

The benefits from this selection mode is no added UI elements and that only one mouse button is needed. On the negative side this selection policy behaves differently from ordinary text selection...

[1]: Really just desensitizing all but the name column.


Kristoffer Lund�wrote:

On 9/13/05, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen <kamstrup daimi au dk> wrote:
Why is it that if you make a selection by rubberbanding, rubberbanding a
second time cancels your old selection? Why not make rubberbanded
selections cumulative? A single (left) click will still cancel the

Not a bad idea at all, even though I don't particulary like
rubberbanding for selections of few items, I guess I could get used to
it. It should be added to list view also in some neat way though. I
think something that sounded good was mentioned earlier in this

Also, I'd add that if so, I think that rubberbanding should invert
selections. Whatever  is under the rubberband should get toggled. With
practice I think you could get really effective with that, selecting a
big group, then unselecting a smaller group within and so on.

Not that I've totally given up on getting my visual and easily
understood clues, but I do like this suggestion. =)

-- Kristoffer

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