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i've usually had this happen when i used an incomplete/broken icon

try another theme and see if it works. if it does just tweak the one you
want to use and try again.

hope this helps.


On Sun, 2005-09-11 at 10:31 +0200, rubikz wrote:
> Hi,
> I have used OO to create a few documents, and when I browse the folder
> containing them in Nautilus the files are not shown with a OpenOffice
> icon.
> I've noticed that nautilus doesn't display icons of any application
> (acrobat, openoffice, xmms ... ). The files and folders are displayed
> with a default icon (a grey page).
> For example, a file with mime "application/vnd.sun.xml.writer" has an
> icon assigned and an application (OpenOffice) to use when opened.
> Nautilus handles correctly the link to the application, and opens it
> correctly, but the file is displayed with the unknown type icon (a grey
> page), although it's well defined.
> Any way to fix it ?
> Many thanks in advance!
> rubikz
> Using:
>         * Debian Sarge 3.1;
>         * icewm windows manager;
>         * Nautilus 2.8.2-2;
> Details:
>         * Right-clicking on, for example, a *.sxw file in Nautilus
> tells me that it is of type "OpenOffice Writer Document" and of MIME
> type "application/vnd.sun.xml.writer".
>         * However, no OpenOffice documents have a distinctive icon in
> Nautilus, just the default icon. 

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