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I have used OO to create a few documents, and when I browse the folder
containing them in Nautilus the files are not shown with a OpenOffice
I've noticed that nautilus doesn't display icons of any application
(acrobat, openoffice, xmms ... ). The files and folders are displayed
with a default icon (a grey page).
For example, a file with mime "application/vnd.sun.xml.writer" has an
icon assigned and an application (OpenOffice) to use when opened.
Nautilus handles correctly the link to the application, and opens it
correctly, but the file is displayed with the unknown type icon (a grey
page), although it's well defined.

Any way to fix it ?

Many thanks in advance!


        * Debian Sarge 3.1;
        * icewm windows manager;
        * Nautilus 2.8.2-2;

        * Right-clicking on, for example, a *.sxw file in Nautilus
tells me that it is of type "OpenOffice Writer Document" and of MIME
type "application/vnd.sun.xml.writer".
        * However, no OpenOffice documents have a distinctive icon in
Nautilus, just the default icon. 

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