Re: Deactivating the Trash

On 5 Sep, 2005, at 4:42 AM, Alexander Larsson wrote:

On Sat, 2005-09-03 at 21:46 -0300, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
        Automatically delete items from the Trash:
        [ Never            :^]
Yeah. This seems like a good idea.

Now in Bugzilla <>.

Perhaps we should also somehow notice when disks are near full and the trash is large and auto-clean it?

That would be a separate feature, though it would alter the interface for deleting old items a bit: the "Never" option above would be replaced by a checkbox, to be parallel with the option for deleting when nearly full.

    Automatically delete old items from the Trash:
    [/] [after 1 month   :^]
    [/] when a disk has less than [  100 MB]H free

However, there would be a few problems with doing this. First, it would be hard to come up with a meaningful way of specifying a threshold that worked for volumes of wildly varying sizes (hard disks, USB keys, floppy disks, etc). Such an option could be made volume-specific and presented in the volume's Properties window, but that would be an unfortunate separation from the rest of the Trash options. (Windows puts each device in its own tab in the Recycle Bin Properties, but the interface is very awkward. <>)

Second, when you're running out of disk space, emptying the Trash isn't the only -- or even necessarily the best -- potential source of free space. To compare with Windows again, since Windows 98 it has had a Disk Cleanup Wizard letting you choose from a variety of things you might want to delete. < featfunc/bestperf.mspx#EDAA>

And third, if even emptying the Trash doesn't make enough room on the disk to get beyond the threshold, the Trash will unexpectedly turn into a black hole. Anything you put in it will be deleted immediately.

Matthew Paul Thomas

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