Re: Deactivating the Trash

Alexander Larsson wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-09-03 at 21:46 -0300, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
>>The menu could contain "Never", "After 1 year", "After 3 months", "After
>>1 month", "After 1 week", "After 1 day", "When I log out", and
>>"Immediately". The last option would satisfy Nikolaus's use case.

This would be great!

>>This option could replace the "Include a Delete command that bypasses
>>Trash" option, so the number of preferences would stay the same.
> Yeah. This seems like a good idea. Perhaps we should also somehow notice
> when disks are near full and the trash is large and auto-clean it?

One problem with that (from having worked on disk recovery software) is
that many filesystems become fragmented messes when once they get full.
For any kind of file system performance it's a good idea to prevent the
disk from ever becoming too full.


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