Re: Making metadata storage SQL-driven

Dennis Bjorklund wrote:
On Thu, 1 Sep 2005, Jamie McCracken wrote:

So, again, for embedded dbs', use SQLite, and, if you use libgda, you
allow admins to set up the database on a different server, like
PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc

I cant do that cause I need the full text indexing of mysql for my indexer!

unfortuantely thats specific to mysql and not available on other RDBMS.

Didn't you say that you wanted to use InnoDB? Fulltext index doesn't work with InnoDB. The page you linked to above say:

"A full-text index in MySQL is an index of type FULLTEXT. FULLTEXT indexes
are used with MyISAM tables only"

Thats correct. However, you can mix and match InnoDB and MyISAM tables in a mysql database and I would only ever use a MyIsam table for metadata that needs a full text index. For everything else, InnoDB is generally better and much more robust.

Mr Jamie McCracken

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