Re: Nautilus CD/DVD Creator should show current size in status bar

On Thu, 2005-09-01 at 22:01 -0400, Todd Chambery wrote:
> Serpertine is slick.  It's easily the best integrated music CD tool
> available, but attractive and useful as it is, the UI probably
> violates Nautilus guidelines.  I really think just adding a "current
> size" to the status bar cover my needs (ie not having to check the
> size through the "Write to CD" dialog).
> I looked at the nautilus code for the first time last night, and I
> think it could be implemented fairly simply.  Basically: 
> - add a listener for drag and delete events
> - get the size (nautilus-cd-burner.estimate_size())
> - print the size to the statusbar
> (nautilus-window.nautilus_window_set_status()).

It might be slightly hard to get it updated whenever something on the
virtual cd changes, but it shouldn't be a problem to get it updated
whenever something in a folder in an open window changes.

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