Re: Nautilus CD/DVD Creator should show current size in status bar

Serpertine is slick.  It's easily the best integrated music CD tool available, but attractive and useful as it is, the UI probably violates Nautilus guidelines.  I really think just adding a "current size" to the status bar cover my needs (ie not having to check the size through the "Write to CD" dialog).

I looked at the nautilus code for the first time last night, and I think it could be implemented fairly simply.  Basically:
- add a listener for drag and delete events
- get the size (nautilus-cd-burner.estimate_size())
- print the size to the statusbar (nautilus-window.nautilus_window_set_status()).


On 8/31/05, Corey Burger <corey burger gmail com> wrote:
On 8/31/05, Todd Chambery <todd chambery gmail com> wrote:
> Hi all,
>  I was creating a CD yesterday from various files scattered throughout the
> filesystem, and noticed that the CD/DVD Creator does not show the current
> size of the virtual CD.  It is true this information can be found in the
> File->Properties and File->Write to CD dialogs, but when adding many small
> folders/files to a CD (wanting to use the maximum space available), it can
> be frustrating to check these dialogs with each addition.
>  I think adding a "Current size: xxxM" string to the statusbar would be
> useful and not terribly expensive if updated only on add/delete/manual
> refresh.
>  I'll submit a feature request, but would like feedback if anyone has an
> opinion.
>  Thanks,
>  Todd

I would suggest that people look at the serpentine UI. While not
perfect, it goes a long way towards showing what the user wants and
little more.

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