Re: Progress dialogs patch

On Wed, 2005-03-30 at 16:30 +0200, Nelson wrote:

(snipped for brevity)

> My ideal implementation details are:
> - Dont show the progress window by default, automatically minimize the
> progress window to a tray icon that symbolizes the operation and show a
> popup notification saying the operation has started. In that point you
> know the operation has started and you can continue working in other
> desktop apps or performing other tasks in the same app (reading existent
> mail while checking for new mail) without an extra click to minimize the
> progress window.
> - If you are interested in how the operation is being performed, you
> mouseover the icon tray that simbolize the operation and a popup
> notification says about percent of operation been performed.
> - If you are *very* interested in how the operation is being performed,
> you double-click the icon tray that simbolize the operation and the
> progress window appears showing progress bar and all info about it
> (filenames,etc), then when you are done you minimize the progress window
> to its tray icon.
> - When operation concludes a popup notification says how operation
> concluded (success, error, aborted). Then, if operation concluded in
> success, the icon tray (and so the progress window that represents)
> disappeared in 5 seconds. Otherwise if operation concluded in error the
> icon tray stays there until user takes care of it by, 1) click it to bring
> up the progress window and see possible error messages or 2) ignore the
> error by right-click it and choose close.

While I have no say in anything nor does my opinion matter beyond the
$0.02 that it's probably not worth; I just wanted to say that I think
all of this seems like a brilliant setup and is something that makes a
lot of sense to me.

> I think all this notification stuff should be integrated, as much as
> possible, in a desktop api to make life easier to app developers and to
> have a uniform and integrated desktop.

Having the rest of the Desktop Environment work with the same premise of
encouraging "human multitasking" would be yet another reason why I love
GNOME and all the hard work put into it.

Someone once asked me to summarise GNOME in one word... all I could come
up with at the time was "practical" and IMHO this entire suggestion only
reinforces that.

Kevin C. Krinke <kckrinke opendoorsoftware com>
Open Door Software Inc.

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