Re: [PATCH] Minor properties dialog simplifications

On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 03:04 -0500, Dave Ahlswede wrote:
> I found a couple things that I think could be cleaned up from the File
> Properties dialog box
> a) For normal files, both the proper-form MIME-Type, as well as a human
> readable description are shown. The Mime type seems superfluous, except
> perhaps to developers and a few advanced users who are working directly
> with file types-- perhaps it would be better to have it as an extension?

I sort of agree with you. On the other hand, its very often useful to be
able to see what mimetype nautilus thinks a file has in order to figure
out why its not behaving as you expect...

> b) The permissions tab, underneath the permission editing area shows
> both an 'ls -l' format and an octal number permission display. These
> both seem unnecessary, since the information is already available in the
> editing widgets. 

Dave, you've worked most on this part of the dialog. Whats your opinion?

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