Re: [PATCH] Add icon to "New Document->Empty File" action

Hi Christian,

Op Tue, 28 Jun 2005 12:22:01 +0200, schreef Christian Neumair:

> I don't remember where it was requested, but somebody asked for an icon
> for the "New Empty File" action in the New Document menu. The attached
> patch adds it.

IIRC it was Miguel who demoed the uselessness of the "New Empty File"
action in his GUADEC presentation. Since there is no application
whatsoever associated with the empty file, there is no way for the user to
open or edit it. 

In my opinion it would make sense to replace the "empty file" by an empty
plain text file that can opened by GEdit; something that we can be sure
the user will have installed. Adding an icon to that empty file is of
secondary importance. :)


Reinout van Schouwen
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