Re: FC4 gthumb issue

That's an irritation; I thought that was one of the better features,
easily one that beat anything Windows Explorer had.

So it would seem that nautilus has been reduced to a file browser. How
boring. It's ability to view documents was pretty cutting edge. But we
can't get to close the edge. That's KDE's job.

Enough of that. Questions (and hopefully URLs to the answers).
1) Is there a method (via scripts) to have nautilus capture the output
of a window (like  'display' from ImageMagick)?
2) Is there a method (via scripts) to add buttons to the browser bar
3) Is there a method (via scripts) to add items to a menu as well as add
a menu heading?
4) Is there a method (via scripts) to send added menu item selections
(events) to another program?

With these four features, as well as the program name for the "File
Types and Programs preference tool" (since I can't find the menu
selection anywhere) it should be possible to 'add' via a script the
picture viewing capability again. Maybe even the output of evince for
postscript and pdf viewing (also missing and missed features).

I must say, I never could figure out what bonobo was doing.

Steven Howe.

Steven Howe wrote:
> I've just upgraded to Fedora Core 4. I've noted an issue with respect
> viewing jpeg in nautilus. When I try, I get a message saying the file
> not a directory.
> What is going on? I prefer using nautilus to view jpegs. The utility
> gthumb opens the whole directory. How do I get nautilus to once again
> view jpegs?
I think you are referring to the view as images possibility you had
nautilus. Nautilus was actually using eog via bonobo to do this. In 
nautilus 2.10 bonobo has been removed from nautilus. So view as images 
is not supported anymore.


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