Re: Nautilus epiphany integration & file transfers

Le mercredi 15 juin 2005 à 12:13 +0200, Alexander Larsson a écrit :

> Having emblems for files being downloaded sounds nice, although I'm not
> sure of the exact use case for this. However, I don't think animating
> them or showing percentage on them makes a whole lot of sense. You don't
> generally keep a whole filemanager window around scrolled to a specific
> file just to see the progress of the download. Furthermore it introduces
> lots of complexity and slowdown in the core file manager for a sort of
> fringe "cool effect".

Actually, the current form of nautilus slows down a lot when a file is
downloaded in an opened window, because it constantly re-thumbnailizes
it. In order to keep a responsive system, I ofen have to close the
target window. Just having a default icon with a progress meter as an
emblem would rock.

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