Re: Nautilus epiphany integration & file transfers

On 6/15/05, Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> wrote:
> Having emblems for files being downloaded sounds nice, although I'm not
> sure of the exact use case for this. However, I don't think animating
> them or showing percentage on them makes a whole lot of sense. You don't
> generally keep a whole filemanager window around scrolled to a specific
> file just to see the progress of the download. Furthermore it introduces
> lots of complexity and slowdown in the core file manager for a sort of
> fringe "cool effect". Actually, maybe the download emblem will be sort
> of confusing if not all forms of downloads/transfers will use it. For
> instance, is it obvious to people that a file being downloaded from
> epiphany is a "download", but not a slow copy of a file with nautilus
> from an ftp site, or a slow usb flash memory?

The use case is that I just want to open a file in nautilus. It's much
easier for me to have nautilus tell me: "wait, this file is still
incomplete" than scanning through my download progress dialog.
Actually, what I'd really like would be a generic "this file is
currently being written to" emblem/icon state/indication that is not
only for downloads.


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