Re: [PATCH] A website for Nautius

Il giorno gio, 09/06/2005 alle 20.55 +0200, Andreas Nilsson ha scritto:
> Luca Ferretti wrote:
> >  
> >
> It seems it only took a couple of hours to do it, here it is anyway. I 
> would need some help with the content.

Just a couple of notes:
      * Nautilus' features list is in user guide. Maybe you could use
      * Could you add a phrase saying something like "Nautilus is
        network transparent, allowing you to work on local and remote
        file in the same way: so you can access to your files through
        FTP, SSH, SMB, WebDAV..."
      * And something like "Moreover Nautilus can autodiscover network
        resources published through Rendevouz(R), so you can easily buzz
        buzz buzz"
      * Could you add an "Extension" section, explaining that "Nautilus
        provides a framework for developers to add extra features. ...."
        and maybe provides a list with links and summaries of some major
        extensions (nautilus-cd-burner, nautilus-sendto,
        nautilus-open-terminal ...)[1]

[1] Of course it could interesting (and useful) to provide docs and
tutorial for developers :-(

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