Re: [PATCH] Visual notification when opening stuff in nautilus

Nelson Benítez wrote:
El dom, 05-06-2005 a las 12:27 -0400, Vincent Noel escribió:

On 6/5/05, Nelson Benítez <gnel cenobioracing com> wrote:
The goal of that animation is to tell the user something happened, I
guess if you have a very fast computer the program just launches very
fast and you don't really need the animation ;-)...

Only if the program launches in less than 0.1 seconds. :-)

So maybe this feature is only useful on not-so-fast hardware ?

I think yes... I have a AMD 1244mhz

For Nautilus it's not the processor speed that's relevant here, it's the disk speed and the size of the directory being opened. If the zoom effect is short enough to *seem* like it doesn't take any time, but the directory is starting to be loaded while the zoom effect is still going on, that will increase the proportion of folders that display as soon as the window opens, which will make Nautilus seem faster overall.

In the big picture, it seems that making "nice effects" like this to
improve user experience would make the app slower in old machines, this
seems to be a modern vs old support decision,

I doubt it. The Mac OS Finder was doing exactly the same effect back when it was running on an 8 MHz CPU.

Matthew Thomas

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