Re: [PATCH] Visual notification when opening stuff in nautilus (was Re: What is the official way to get an icon coordinates from a NautilusFile ?)

Nelson Benítez wrote:
El dom, 05-06-2005 a las 12:27 -0400, Vincent Noel escribió:

On 6/5/05, Nelson Benítez <gnel cenobioracing com> wrote:

I ve tried it and the zooming boxes are so faster that I almost didnt
noticed them, in fact I had to concentrate to view them and cause I know
they were there from the patch,, I tried to launch a slower app like
epiphany and zooming boxes "flashes" in the first instant almost
invisible and all time that happens till the application appears runs
with any feedback to the user to tell it the application is
launching :(...

Well I just copied the feature directly from the gnome-panel, so I
assume that you don't see that animation as well ? (when you click on
a launcher in the panel).
The goal of that animation is to tell the user something happened, I
guess if you have a very fast computer the program just launches very
fast and you don't really need the animation ;-)...

I think a simple animated cursor to show in the "waiting time" could do
all the job, although I know this maybe belongs to notification-startup.

I think the "loading" cursor is there already, at least if nautilus is
compiled with notification-startup. Moreover, in some cases this "busy
cursor" does not work properly (if you open a program that does not
use it, e.g. openoffice), and on older computers the busy cursor can
take some time to appear, so the notification is not instant...

So maybe this feature is only useful on not-so-fast hardware ?

I think yes... I have a AMD 1244mhz

I have an old PIII 700 MHz and don't see much happening. Do I even need a slower computer or do I need to buy glasses ;-)

The argument when opening folder (visually link them) is still valid
though, so maybe the animation would need to adapt itself to the
computer speed, like metacity does (but this would have to be done in
the panel as well)

Adapting it to CPU speed seems a good idea to me.

The "visually link them" point is good, and maybe you dont have to touch
the panel if you only do it when opening nautilus windows (opening a
folder...) so it would be a nautilus thing, but the disadvantages I see
with it are whether the new window/app could show up later due to the
animation, and second the amount of code work to do this...

In the big picture, it seems that making "nice effects" like this to
improve user experience would make the app slower in old machines, this
seems to be a modern vs old support decision, but I think we have to
stick with modern hardware because *that* is the present and future of
the desktop (luminocity), people with old hardware can run gnome 2.4...,
so when doing this kind of patch I think we have to take into account
only normal hardware of these days...
I think most people don't want to buy new hardware just because of some nice effects. People just want to get a job done in an efficient and user-friendly way. Looking at specific projects like memory reduction project [1] GNOME is actually focussing on trying to support older machines. Which I think is a good thing.

My 2 cents


BTW I still think the idea of the patch is good one, but I don't seem to notice the change the patch introduced

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