Re: Proposal for better DnD moving/copying (especially in browser-mode)

On 7/26/05, Jason Day <jason s day gmail com> wrote:
> I'd been thinking about some ways to have better copying/moving in
> Nautilus (without having to mess with multiple windows or copy/paste)
> and posted an idea on the Ubuntu community forums:
> What it boils down to:
> One of the major spatial-mode enhancements that browser-mode users are
> missing is easy DnD copying and moving of files. Now that Nautilus
> features the "pathbar" instead of the location bar (screenshot), I
> think this is a wonderful opportunity to implement good DnD into
> browser-mode Nautilus.
> When dragging a file, if you hover over a directory, a bookmark in the
> sidepane, or a button on the pathbar, that location should be opened,
> similar to the current behavior when hovering over the "show desktop"
> button, for example. Also, a simple DnD (no hovering) into the
> pathbar, or sidepane, should move the file, similar to as if was
> dropped on a regular folder.
> This would make a number of common actions an absolute breeze. You
> want to move something into the parent directory? Just DnD it to the
> pathbar. Want to move it two layers deep? Just hover over the first
> folder, then drop it into the second. Want to move it into /foo? Just
> hover over "/" in the pathbar and then drop it into "foo".

I happen to agree with this. The other use case not mentioned is
moving across the tree.
You can then drag down to the parent folder and then back up to the
folder you wanted.


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