[RFC] Nautilus taints the desktop background using GTK+ HEAD

My fresh installation of HEAD GNOME under /opt/gnome is finished...
Well' honestly I still have to compile mozilla and related modules, but
I'm ready to report new bugs :-)

*** Description
It seems that there are some troubles with tiled desktop wallpapers. The
upper left 200x200 square (well, not exactly a square) of the screen
(yes, panel and desktop items included) is repeated, tiling the desktop.

A screenshot could help, so I'll attach it to bug, just: here is yet an
open bug?  And can someone confirm it? Sources was checked out 3-4 days

*** Notes 

     1. this seems to be a nautilus bug: removing nautilus from session
        and killing it, the desktop wallpaper works fine 
     2. this seems to be related to GTK+ HEAD: downgrading gtk+ to
        2.6.x, nautilus works fine 
     3. Choosing a solid color works 
     4. Choosing a ver|hor gradient not, tiling screen
     5. Choosing a not-tiled wallpaper, it seems to work. Just you have
        to move around a window to "repaint" the desktop. Yeah, choosing
        a different wallpaper the desktop is not repainted until I move
        around a window, forcing redraw. 
     6. Choosing a tiled wallpaper I've to force the redraw as in point
        5, and the screen is tiled
     7. Desktop menu and desktop items popup menus are not "erased" when
        you choose a menu entry or escape from it. As well as in point
        5, I've to move a window over the tainted area to "clear" it 
     8. Closing a window, desktop is repainted in the usual way. 
     9. BTW Desktop menu seems slower to appear using GTK+ HEAD.

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