Re: [PATCH] Don't show "Open Folder" in folder popup menu

Il giorno lun, 25/07/2005 alle 22.09 +0200, Christian Neumair ha
> From bug 310382 [1]:

> a) not show this handler from within Nautilus (fixed by attached patch.
> Hope you like the architecture.)


> b) rename the "Name" in nautilus-folder-handler.desktop to "Nautilus" or
> "Nautilus File Manager". If the latter is chosen, GenericName has to be
> adapted as well.

Dunno. I've to check .desktop specs, but IMHO should be
        Name = Nautilus
        GenericName = File Manager

A lot of GNOME apps are switching to something like
        Name = Epiphany Web Browser
        GenericName = Web Browser

that is IMHO wrong. 

Of course GNOME still miss something to merge Name and GenericName in a
single string when needed (for instance in Application menu) or maybe a
GConf key to choose between Name, GenericName or a combination ("Name -
GenericName" or "Name (GenericName)")

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