Re: Workspace changing

On 7/18/05, Fredrik Tolf <fredrik dolda2000 com> wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm not a list subscriber, so please Cc replies to me.
> I noticed that in Gnome 2.10 (maybe earlier, but in that case I didn't
> notice), if you have a nautilus window open for a certain directory on
> one workspace, and try to open that same directory on another workspace,
> nautilus seems to tell the window manager to change workspace. This is
> quite disrupting, as it moves you from one workspace to another while
> you may just want to continue working where you were.
> Is it possible to configure nautilus to instead tell the window manager
> to move that existing window to the new workspace instead. I've been
> browsing the options, but I haven't found anything regarding that, so is
> it already possible, or would it require patching nautilus?

This is all covered in bug 166379, and it's gtk+ and/or metacity that
needed patching, not nautilus.  ;-)


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