Drag 'n drop 'n rename?!

So, im sitting here, draging files, dropping them, and then manually
renaming them as they are put into the right location. Takes a

So, im thingking, wouldnt it be sweet to have a extention to nautilus,
so that when you drag a file, hit alt, in that menu, where you now got
like, "copy", "move", "link" you get another option like "copy and
rename" or "move and rename" or both.

Where you, once you have dropped your files get small input window (if
it is one file/folder) asking for the new desired name.

And if there are several files, you get a abit more advanced renaming
input. You could like rename it the same start, ending with a number.
say : file001.ext, file002.ext. you get the picture. And maby perhaps
some other stuff aswell.. like changing all extentions to all of the
same and or stuff like that.

That something that imo would be super sweet to have. I mean, that
shouldnt be rocket sciense to do. i belive gThumb has some
multi-renaming scheme, where it renames several pictures to look the

not something extremely nessesairy, but just something that would ease
up file shuffeling in nautilus.
(i have a feeling i have seen this feature (or similar) somewhere
before, i Cant remember where though)

Sounds nice?

Best regards

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