Re: [PATCH] - Information-Sidebar should display informations about the selected object (bug 122045)

Le samedi 16 juillet 2005 à 06:54 -0400, Vincent Noel a écrit :

> Well right now you really can't do that - the info pane only ever
> display the opened folder.
> The point of the patch was to allow it to display the selection
> instead (when there was one).

I know, and the patch is nice imho.

> > Maybe some other actions could be listed here (copy, duplicate, ...)?
> Christian's point would still be valid - these options are already
> available somewhere else...  and having several points of entry can be
> confusing sometimes.

I don't agree with that. The sidebar is optional, you are not forced to
use it. And some actions (opening with a default software than the
default one by example) are right menu actions which is not really
discoverable for users. Out of this using the bar is faster than opening
the menus for common actions.


Sebastien Bacher

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