Re: [PATCH] - Information-Sidebar should display informations about the selected object (bug 122045)

2005/7/16, Sebastien Bacher <seb128 debian org>:
> Le vendredi 15 juillet 2005 à 17:55 -0400, Vincent Noel a écrit :
> > I guess in that context it would make sense to just scrap the
> > information panel (if we can't find a better use for it)...
> Some people like and use the "open with ..." button from this pane.
Well right now you really can't do that - the info pane only ever
display the opened folder.
The point of the patch was to allow it to display the selection
instead (when there was one).

> Maybe some other actions could be listed here (copy, duplicate, ...)?
Christian's point would still be valid - these options are already
available somewhere else...  and having several points of entry can be
confusing sometimes.


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