Re: [Patch] Resize icon slider for file properties (try no. 3)

>> However; this patch has (still) a problem; the view has to refreshed 
>> manualy. I still don't know how to force the fm-icon-container to 
>> reload. Any help from an experienced nautilus hacker on this topic
>> is appreciated.
> Right now there really isn't a good way to do this. Partly this is
> because the stretching and icon size feature is really a special
> feature of the icon view only, so there is no "global" icon size
> setting for files. 

Argh. I knew it. I should have tried some string fixes first. That would
have been easier...

> Anyway, I'm not sure this feature should take so much space in the UI.
> I mean, it already has a menu item and we already removed the context
> menu item in non-desktop folders to unclutter the ui. Wouldn't it be
> better to make the current stretch work from the keyboard instead. You
> could just handle arrow key presses when the stretch handles are up to
> mean "change icon size".

Could removing the "stretch icon" entry from the context also be an
option. I never understood why resizing the icons should be limited to
the desktop. Or maybe the UI guys could make a suggestion.

Ah, whatever...


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