Re: [PATCH] Add Pathbar to Nautilus Browser

Vincent Noel wrote:
I agree, also Jamie's one is coherent to what the Filechooser does.

I think the rationale here was that you were supposed to first click
on a bookmark on the side pane, and *then* use the pathbar. The
bookmark bar would then act like a re-rooting tool for the path bar.
If you put the path bar above the side pane, this hierarchical
relationship is lost or inverted (but the path bar is still useful, of

IMHO you are right, also having the pathbar besides the sidebar enforces the relation between the actual folder you are on and its contents.
Also I find the zoom control and the view as widgets distracting.

FWIW, path finder put the path bar on the right of the side pane

Never used path finder, anyway this drop stack thing seems incredibly useful (at least to me)!

Anyway, don't you think the toolbar is redundant when we are using a

This is bug 309810 that I filed this morning :

Sorry haven't seen this. ;-)



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