Re: [PATCH and PROPOSAL] Fix .desktop files

Il giorno mer, 19-01-2005 alle 12:27 +0100, Alexander Larsson ha
> On Tue, 2005-01-18 at 22:58 +0100, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> > The new panel manu layout (Application/Places/Desktop) has some
> > influence in/from nautilus:
> >      1. Places->Home is fetched from nautilus-home.desktop. Here the
> >         used icon is "gnome-home" but it should be "gnome-fs-home"
> >      2. The File Browser entry is now hidden
> > 
> > Proposed fix
> >      1. Use "gnome-fs-home"
> >      2. Edit to put this entry in Applications-
> >         >Sytem Tools (and add startup notification) as a simple
> >         appliacation. Eventually add it under Applications->Accessories
> > 
> > A patch is attached
> > 
> > PS no cvs access for me.
> I'm not sure why you added startup notification. It doesn't actually
> seem to handle that well, at least if nautilus is already running.

Oh, it works odd. I didn't try it, sorry #-(

But I have to wait 4~5 sec.[1] before the window is showed. And I
suppose we have to notify that the system is launching the application.

> Why "Eventually"in Applications->Accessories? Do you think that is a
> better place or not? Personally i think both places are a bit hidden for
> something like this. But for now I'll apply the patch (without startup
> notify).

>From the user's point of view the "File Browser" is an application such
as the "Text Editor" or the "System Monitor". Maybe a special
application, but we are spatial, so it's an application :-) [2]

All applications are places somewhere in the Application menu. IMHO both
Accessories (category comment: "Desktop accessories") and System Tools
(category comment: "System configuration and monitoring") are good for
"File Browser". So I'm agnostic.

Moreover this entry is just a "fallback": the main UI is the spatial and
for a quick browse you can right click on folders. And if you frequently
need the "File Browser", you can add a launcher on panel.

Maybe some other people could like a "Open File Browser" entry on
desktop popup menu.

Open File Browser
Open Terminal
Create ...

but if you frequently need the browser UI, then is better if you select
in preferences

        [x] Always open in browser windows

Personally a "File Browser" entry in Applications->SOMEWHERE is OK.

[1] on my test build with CFLAGS="-g"
[2] see John Siracusa's article on 

Luca Ferretti <elle uca libero it>

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