Places and Shortcuts [was Re: "Connect to Server" dialog & new panel menu layout]

Il giorno mer, 12-01-2005 alle 15:17 +0100, Vincent Untz ha scritto:
> Hi guys,
> Since the 2.9.4 release, the panel has a brand new layout for the
> menu bar. See for
> more informations.

BTW could we remove the Places menu from _spatial_ windows and move
stuff in panel menu? 

Note that:
      * a spatial window should perform actions only on its contents and
        should be simply a view of a folder
      * currently you can't directly open Templates or CD/DVD Creator
        folders: you have to open a Nautilus window, then choose Places
        -> $PLACE (or a browser window and choose Go -> $PLACE
      * Home, Computer and Trash menu items in Places menu are now
        redundant (use panel or desktop icons instead)
      * We still miss a Fonts place to open fonts:// (it could be useful
        to add personal fonts, maybe showing only files in $HOME/.fonts)

So my suggestions are:
      * remove Places menu from spatial windows
      * move items in Places menu in panel menu (eventually add a Font
      * eventually add a Places entry in Desktop menu (so if you don't
        want to move your mouse to panel you can just right click on
        desktop and choose the place)

Moreover, Nautilus still use it's own Bookmarks. Why don't move to GTK+
shortcuts? Is it reasonable? Of course you will lose some features, but
IMHO it provides a better integration between apps.

Luca Ferretti <elle uca libero it>

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