Re: "Connect to Server" dialog & new panel menu layout

On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 15:17 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Since the 2.9.4 release, the panel has a brand new layout for the
> menu bar. See for
> more informations.
> I'd like to add a "Connect to Server" button to the menu. This
> would open the very same dialog than the one in nautilus. As Mark
> commented in the above bug, it's not that great to copy & paste
> the code from nautilus.
> Thus, I'm left with three possibilities to make this happen:
>   1) Move the code from nautilus to the panel
>   2) Add a "--connect-server" argument to nautilus
>   3) Wait for a libgnomevfsui library
> I'm not sure 1) is a great idea since the dialog has its place in
> nautilus too. 3) won't happen for 2.10, so I'm left with option 2).
> Does adding a "--connect-server" argument to nautilus sound
> reasonable?

I think:
4) Create a separate executable that ships with nautilus that just links
in nautilus-connect-server.c and whatever else is needed. Then launch

is better.

Nautilus itself just links in the code, so it doesn't exec the new
binary. This is exactly the same solution we use for
nautilus-file-management-properties for use in the control-center.

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