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On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 00:19 +1100, Takis Diakoumis wrote:
> Hi
> i'm using nautilus 2.8.2 on Debian.
> i have a couple of network related queries.
> first, i use the tree view almost exclusively. is there any way to have
> the network location that is opened available within this view also? at
> present it allows you to drill down into the shared directory but you
> don't really have any traditional browsing ability short of editing the
> location field. (i guess i'm thinking something similar to windows
> explorer's network neighbourhood tree node - sorry). (yes i know i could
> mount the share but i don't want to!)

There is currently no way to do this. Even if you get the network
location in the tree it won't immediately work, since it typically uses
links instead of subdirectories.

> second, is there any reason that nfs shares are not polled? i would also
> expect (strong word, i know - sorry again) to see nfs shares come up in
> the network window not purely windows shares via smb. my initial thought
> is that its probably some nfs security issue and that nfs dirs do not
> 'advertise' their 'shareability'???

by nfs you mean the nfs module in gnome-vfs? This is disabled by
default, as its not tested that well and I don't really consider it
useful. Do people actually use NFS like that? Its really not designed to
be a browsable, generic sharing system. Its meant to be set up as a
sysadmin and mounted into a unix tree hierarchy. 

Constantly polling for nfs servers on the local link sounds bad for
network traffic too.

> finally, and this is a minor point - i have never been able to get the
> background colour/image option to work for the left-side-pane as i
> thought it would. i suspect this is by design - but it only works when
> the side pane is set to 'Information'. i was wondering if there is a way
> for it to work as the background to the tree also.

Not currently.

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