Re: Files/Folders listing in Tree View in side bar

On Mon, 2005-01-10 at 16:09 +0530, Subodh Soni wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a few observations when nautilus is started in a "browser folder"
> mode and we select the Tree view in the drop-down list in the side bar:
> 1. By default in the nautilus preferences, "Show only Folders" is 
> checked so we see only folders in the tree view which is expected. But
> if a folder has some files in it (but no sub-folders) it shows "(empty)"
> In my opinion (empty) should be removed if the folder has some contents.
> There's a bug that discusses this:

This is technically hard, and causes inefficiencies as described in the

> 2. Now if we uncheck the "Show only Folders" in preferences, the tree
> view has files also listed in the folders which is expected. But if
> someone clicks on the file in the tree view there's a very annoying
> message that comes up "Couldn't display "/the/clicked/file/". The
> location is not a folder".
> Nautilus is not supposed to display any files, if I am not wrong. It
> should display the file information (in the window) when someone clicks
> on the file in the tree view, in my opinion.

Yes. This is clearly a bug.

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