Files/Folders listing in Tree View in side bar

Hi All,
I have a few observations when nautilus is started in a "browser folder"
mode and we select the Tree view in the drop-down list in the side bar:

1. By default in the nautilus preferences, "Show only Folders" is 
checked so we see only folders in the tree view which is expected. But
if a folder has some files in it (but no sub-folders) it shows "(empty)"
In my opinion (empty) should be removed if the folder has some contents.
There's a bug that discusses this:

2. Now if we uncheck the "Show only Folders" in preferences, the tree
view has files also listed in the folders which is expected. But if
someone clicks on the file in the tree view there's a very annoying
message that comes up "Couldn't display "/the/clicked/file/". The
location is not a folder".
Nautilus is not supposed to display any files, if I am not wrong. It
should display the file information (in the window) when someone clicks
on the file in the tree view, in my opinion.

Any thoughts ?

Thanks & Regards

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