an extension to share folder with nautilus

hello i wrote a nautilus extension to share folder, for the moment
it's samba only but could easily be extended to nfs and webdav

- all user can share any folder they own (no need for root privilege)
- no need to patch samba
- only one line to add in smb.conf (could be 0)
- designed to be secured (only selected directived are allowed, a list
of forbidden sharename: global, homes, etc...)
- could (will?) be easily integrated will gst : shared-admin
- use dbus

screenshot for the impatient:

source and README/INSTALL <- need to READ!!:

tested on ubuntu (debian folder to build a package) and on gentoo
let me explain how it works:
-I wrote a nautilus extensions that allow users to shares any of there
folder with a right  click and choose a sharename and ro/rw
- for the moment it only works with samba
-to solve the problem of requiring root access i used dbus, so my
nautilus extensions discuss with a deamon throught dbus to modify a
file (in samba format) that is included by smb.conf (include =
- the deamon check the security: it checks that the user owns the
folder he wants to share and it's check that the user doesn't use a
forbidden sharename and only used authorized directives.
-i try to make it easy to support more sharing protocol (nfs, webdav,
etc) both in the nautilus-extensions and in the deamons.
- the good thing about using dbus are that you don't need root
privileges and if some kde guys want to have the functionnality, they
only need to rewrite the gui part(the nautilus extensions equivalent)

feedback is welcome :)
Sebastien Estienne

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