Re: nautilus-list Digest, Vol 10, Issue 8

Thank you for the reply.

I didn't know/notice the name Trash/Wastebasket difference in US and UK English versions. It happened that the Debian (Sarge) which our local G/LUG downloaded had 'Wastebasket' in GNOME 2.6/2.8.

About the refreshing, I hadn't noticed it was Crtl-R in all GNOME apps. But still pressing Crtl-R with left hand is a bit uneasy, it would have been much easier if a single key like F5 was used... I know it will be difficult and take a long time to change now, but if possible, it would have been fine. It will also be easier to people moving in from the Redmond OS. Don't you think so?


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