Re: nautilus/trash/nfs trouble

I'm still trying to solve my problem :
Debuging gnome-vfs and nautilus, the only strange message is :

(nautilus:14632): Eel-WARNING **: "nautilus-metafile.c: metafiles" hash
table still has 5 elements at quit time (keys above)

--- Hash table keys for warning below:
--> trash:
--> file:///local
--> file:///local/.Trash-olelain
--> file:///home
--> file:///

Could it help me or is there no link with my trouble ?

( I still don't know in which direction I have to investigate)

Before I also had this message :

1107861444:469954 job_notify: 155 Wait notify condition 22
** Message: async_read_cancel: file:///home/olelain/.Trash ** Message:
starting file info in file:///home 1107861444:475159 _gnome_vfs_job_set:
613 locking access lock 23, op 13
Does it means a failure in reading my .Trash directory ?


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