Wierd problem

Hi, I am using GNOME 2.12.1 on Ubuntu Breezy and I am getting some errors that I couldn't resolve myself.

There are some things that go wrong in my system and I think they are all related:

      * When I type on a terminal

                   ~# nautilus "computer:///"

as a user the icons of the devices are gone and the links don't work saying something like "This place in not an archive" (well, actually in Spanish ;-)). This happends with all the devices: floppy, cdrom, hard drives ... But if I launch it as root it works fine and the icons are ok.

* Also, if I open with nautilus other directory some of the image previews don't appear ... and it also works fine if I launch it as root.

* The right button menu "Open with ..." has disappear ... and again works with root user ;-)

* And at last, I have noticed that when I launch eog as user it does no work either, giving the following text error:

                       Instantiate job with id 1.
                       Starting thread with id 0.
                       I/O error : Permission denied
                       n_images: 0/0
                       setting window size: 370/373
                       Job 001: disposing ...
                       Job 001: disposing end

         Again this does not happend susing sudo or su ...

I think all this problems are related but I cant find the problem. I have checked all the permissions and owners of the configuration directories but I haven't foend anything wrong. I have also searched a lot on google and groups but I didn't find anything useful. :-(

Thanks for your helping.

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