Re: [PATCH] multi-file activation, part 2

On Fri, 2005-11-25 at 16:46 +0100, Christian Neumair wrote:
> Since Alex really did a nice job with cleaning up my last patch, we're
> now ready for step 2: Implement actual multi-file activation.
> Proposed patch attached.

@@ -738,12 +750,16 @@ application_selected_cb (EelOpenWithDial
 	FMDirectoryView *view;
 	NautilusFile *file;
+	GList uri;
 	view = FM_DIRECTORY_VIEW (user_data);

"uri" is a strange name for this, as its used for a list of files.

+	g_assert (g_hash_table_steal (app_table, old_app));

You can't have code that must be run in an assert, because the assert
might be compiled out.

open_with_other_applications only works when you have one item selected.

Also, this was true before your patch, but i get:
** (lt-nautilus:11946): CRITICAL **: fm_directory_view_activate_files: assertion `files != NULL' failed
If i press enter in the list view when it has focus but no files

> I've optimized the intersection of the application handler lists for
> multiple files, using a Merge Sort-like algorithm. What probably still
> leaves much to desire is the performance for many files with the same
> MIME type and many handlers, since we don't yet peek what MIME types
> were already seen. A simple hash table should help here, I'll provide
> another patch for that later.

Its unlikely to matter. Most things that are only run on user input are
not that performance sensitive, since they are never run in a loop where
slowness is multiplied. I'm sure nobody would notice if launching an app
is 1 msec slower.

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