Re: Desktop slowness issue - freeze break request

> I argue in the bug why the omission of these redraws is safe, but even
> if you don't believe that such a change can at most cause redraw issues
> which are not very serious.
> This patch probably doesn't remove all the slowdowns caused by this
> apparent X slowness issue, but it at least makes it better by limiting
> its scope. And it should help everyone, since these desktop redraws are
> just generally a waste of time, even on systems where its not very slow.
> Is this ok to commit?

This doesn't seem to be a regression, so maybe it can wait for 2.12.1. I
also don't see anybody confirming that it fixes the issue for them.

If it was my code, I'd put in a comment about why the redraw is not

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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