Re: [PATCH] Don't position volume/drives above other icons

On 8/23/05, Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org> wrote:
> Am Dienstag, den 23.08.2005, 01:44 +0200 schrieb Martin Wehner:
> > On Mon, 2005-08-15 at 00:52 +0200, Christian Neumair wrote:
> > > Probably the most obvious/reported icon container glitch [1,2].
> > > Proposed patch attached.
> >
> > While it'd be cool to fix at last, this code doesn't handle multiple
> > lazy icons properly. You can make multiple devices appear on top of each
> > other, because lazy icons won't be taken into account once they aren't
> > new anymore.
> Of course. We do call placement_grid_mark_icon which will take care that
> other semi-positioned icons aren't assigned the same grid position.

Yes, but only for the _new_ icons, the previous lazy icons aren't
pre-filled into the grid you use to find a free position. Just put two
devices at the same position on your desktop and try it. I did.


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