Re: commander

- Alex - napisał(a):
>>From: Manuel Amador <rudd-o amautacorp com>
>>Subject: Re: commander
>>Because it conflicts with the design goals for Nautilus.
> [...]
> I would like to ask the developers, if they decide to exclude a
> option for nautilus to do a poll first.

Alex, I agree with you in 100%.
May be our questions and wishes seems to be a revolution for Nautilus,
but I'd bet it is worth to do it ;-)

As I said, I considered joining to gnome commander or tux commander
project, but I'd join Nautilus to develop features adding
"commander-like" behaviour.

But...Nautilus development team should give their opinion.


Mateusz Łoskot, mateusz (at) loskot (dot) net
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