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El mar, 16-08-2005 a las 13:48 +0200, Mateusz Łoskot escribió:
> Manuel Amador napisał(a):
> >> I do not think so.
> >>
> >> You should consider installing a third
> >> party file manager like rox filer
> >> or mc.

Because it conflicts with the design goals for Nautilus.

It's a bit like asking DaimlerChrysler if the Mercedes Benz SLK could
include a 4x4 SUV Mercedes Benz ML350 mode.  Where the car would
actually turn into an SUV by the press of a button.  (Now that I think
about this, sort of like Konqueror).

I'd recommend you install the right tool for the job.  If what you want
is two-pane shortcut-driven usage, you can either open two nautilus
windows in browser mode and arrange them side by side, switching among
them with alt+tab, or install another file manager and put a nice icon
in the panel.  You can run Konqueror under GNOME if you desire.

> Could you give arguments why it is not possible or considered
> as a nice feature?
> I think it could be very good improvement of nautilus.
> May be it should be discussed.
> Best regards
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