Re: nautilus-list Digest, Vol 16, Issue 25


MC is text mode (and I use it quite often) and rox filer does not work
as total commander/norton commander. I think that norton commander
interface is the best for a file manager as you can use it fast and
get your work done more quickly than with a program that uses an
exporer type interface. In explorer the user gets lost in so many
windows (even if it uses "open in same window" feature, you still need
to drag and drop somewhere).

I have tried alternatives (like gnome-cmmander that sucks in
functionality) but Nautilus is great in features, is quick and has all
what it needs except a decent interface (like total commander :-))

My reasons for using total commander are:

- all work can be done with the keyboard - no mouse required -
therefore you can work more faster.
- two pannels side by side greatly improve ergonomics, even when you
use drag and drop
- shift-f2 - directory compare (two pannels)
- compare files by content
- alt-f7 (search)
- directory size in kb (like in mc) would be nice
- shift-f5 - compress directory/files
- ctrl-t - new folder tab 
- ctrl-m multi rename tool
- create crc checksum (svf, md5)
- copy/move has: foreground/background/add to queue
- the ability to use small buffer when copying from one device to
another and big buffer when copying to same drive (great speed
... well all the features are nice in total commander; nautilus has
also nice features (like burn disk, bookmarks) but as free software it
can become so much better than explorer and total commander put

I really hope that somebody will consider extending nautilus in this

Best Regards!

> I do not think so.
> You should consider installing a third party file manager like rox filer
> or mc.
> El mar, 16-08-2005 a las 05:50 +0300, alex escribió:
> > Hello!
> >
> > Is there any way (or any plan) to make a mode for nautilus to act like
> > total-commander from
> > windows (or norton commander)? Nautilus is great in functionality but is
> > not that fast for
> > advanced users. I mean one window, two pannels and no mouse is the
> > quickest way to go...
> >
> > Thanks.
> > Best Regards!
> --
> Manuel Amador                   <rudd-o amautacorp com>
>            +593 (4) 220-7010

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