Re: RFC: On-line Content Filtering of directories

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Marc O'Morain wrote:
> On 4/29/05, diego pemas net <diego pemas net> wrote:
>>I really don't like mixing files that match the filter with the files that
>>didn't although I wouldn't be oppossed if we could find a gooed enough way
>>in which to show the differece between the two groups of files, remember
>>that this has to be implementable (I also can't put a lot of time into
>>this, as my final examns are approaching rapidly).
> Would it be possible to fade the icons of files that do not match the
> filter, and make them not be selectable?

Sometimes it would be nice to use the filter to select out "bad files"
so that you can group all of the other files in the directory. (e.g.
select out all of the music by Example Band so that you can queue up the
rest of your music collection (or delete it). This type of inversion
filter would be impossible if this is implemented as you ask.

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