remote thumbnailing: authentication issues

When thumbnailing remote files that are accessed through a ssh
connection, nautilus passes the file URIs
("ssh://foo bar org/foobar/foo.pdf") to the thumbnailers. The resulting
problem is that thumbnailing requires authentication through the keyring
mechanism, since the thumbnailer is considered a new application, or -
if the thumbnailer doesn't init the gnome authentication manager - the
file isn't thumbnailed at all.
This does not affect image thumbnails, since they're generated
in-process (cf. libnautlius-private/nautilus-thumbnails.[ch]).


- add gnome_authentication_manager to all thumbnailers
 - thumbnailing will work
 - the user is asked for a password for "evince-thumbnailer",
"totem-video-thumbnailer", "foo-thumbnailer"

- use some internal plugin mechanism

- tell the authentication manager to consider the thumbnailers child
  - does this work at all?
  - will the thumbnailer consider child process as belonging to the
"nautilus" authentication?

any suggestions?

Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org>

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