Re: [PATCH] Remove Open Terminal menu entry

On 4/27/05, Bryan Clark <bclark redhat com> wrote:

> Dudes the real Open Terminal option, the one that is a plugin, is _so_
> much better than this thing.  It gives you the option at every folder
> (not just Desktop) to open a terminal and it opens the terminal
> initialized in that folders directory.
> Luis makes a really good point that we need to document that and make
> sure this and other power tools are available.  I should look to make
> sure they are in Fedora or Extras or something at least since sadly I
> know I use the Open Terminal too.

/me wonders whether having the (relatively new) open terminal
keybinding in metacity being bound by default might help all these
people with withdrawal symptoms (or whether it's just asking for

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