Re: Thumbnail cleanup UI patch (bug 150483)

On 4/27/05, Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> wrote:
> I would much rather see an automatic handling of this. We could
> automatically remove thumbnails that have been removed already (at least
> for local files where we can tell, although its problematic for
> removable media), or not accessed (atime) for some (perhaps
> configurable) time. This doesn't have to affect performance much,
> because we don't have to do all the thumbnails in one go. We can do, say
> a few at a time in some time interval.
> Triggering this from low-on-disk is also an interesting idea, although
> slightly more complicated to implement.
> Also, if anyone would like to look into removing thumbnails
> automatically when nautilus removes/moves files that would be much
> appreciated.

* Cough, cough * Break... out... cache... library... * Cough, cough *

/ magnus

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