Re: RFC: On-line Content Filtering of directories

On Wed, April 27, 2005 1:33 pm, Alexander Larsson said:
> * Sometimes you might not see the whole window, or just not look at the
> bottom. Maybe we could figure out some other (additional) way to say
> that this is a filtered view that is visible in the whole window, or at
> least in more places. Maybe we can use colors? background color? some
> sort of border around the view? different window title?
> * The status bar should perhaps say something like "3 items (of 28)" to
> make it obvious the count is of the filtered items
 To avoid this issues, and as someone already commented, what about if we
instead of disappear unmatched files, we do bring to first positions the
matched files, and select them in order to have a visually contrast with
the rest of files, then there's no a special *filtering mode* that we
have to explain and notice to the user... we only have automate the user
manual task of "move somefiles together and select them".

So, instead of a "filter this files" this would be a "put this files
together where I can see them", and this way avoids some complexity issues
of filtering, like the following you suggested:

> Some behavioural questions:
> <snip>
> * Same with selection changes when filtering. Is select by
> pattern/select all limited by the filter?
> * What happens if you create a new folder/templated file or copy a file
> into a filtered view. If we do nothing, the new (say "untitled folder")
> file won't be visible until you remove the filter (not letting you
> rename the folder), which is sort of strange. Another perhaps surprising
> behaviour (or perhaps not) is when you rename a file and it disappears
> (because it was filtered out).
> * How does filtering work in manual arrangement mode. Do we keep the
> positions, leading to lots of empty space? I guess one could say you
> just shouldn't use this mode with filtering. But it leads to the
> question, do we allow filtering on the desktop?

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