Re: Spatial Mode Window Cluttering and Possible Solutions -- EOT

On 4/23/05, Yuan Qi <gmanenews 3 maxchee spamgourmet com> wrote:
> Well, the only reason why I even came up with the idea is because of the
> recent controversies surrounding ubuntu hoary's patched nautilus'
> behaviour. I was hoping that people reading htis list would post some
> useful suggestions or a better alternative to my original proposal.
> Apparantly, this is not the case. I don't think most people even
> bothered to read the original proposal in detail. IT is simply treated
> as "yet another thread on spatial nautilus" (tm).

Your proposal does not really differ from closing the old window when
a new one is launched. I don't think it has really any difference
where the window goes, as long as it disappears without user action.
So in effect, this will make the window behaviour match the browser
mode (window is replaced by new one).

Thus, this really was YATOSN.
That's my excuse anyway ;)

> I agree with you in that nautilus's behaviour should be kept somewhat
> constant. I suggest that the nautilus team could post some python
> mockups of possible new behaviour changes for people to test. This will
> allow a greater degree of innovation in nautilus.

I suggest that someone creates a third branch (Raul is the origin of
this third mode thinking) of nautilus that merges the two ideas into
one, giving the "third model" a chance to prove itself and give
spatial nautilus the freedom to be what it is supposed to be.

Obviously, I won't be that someone :)

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi

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