Re: An updated version of my suggestion (should be more intuitive)

I meant the taskbar is *not* really compatible with the spatial paradigm.

Yuan Qi <gmanenews 3 maxchee spamgourmet com> wrote:
Ubuntu Bugzilla Entry:

Ubuntu Hoary Nautilus Bug:

Here is the new version of the suggestion:

A folder will automatically roll-up when the user opens one of its
subfolders for the first time.

If the *very next* action performed by the user *on the autorolled
folder* is to bring it up again, then a flag will be set to tell nautilus not to autoroll it the next time.

That folder will not roll-up automatically the next time the user opens a subfolder from it.

If the *very next* action performed by the user on that particular parent window this time is to roll it up (or minimized it), then the flag will be deleted and the folder will be autorolled the next time.

This suggestion, however, will not solve the cluttering on the taskbar.

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