Re: Spatial Mode Window Cluttering and Possible Solutions

On 4/20/05, Matthew Thomas <mpt myrealbox com> wrote:
> Kalle Vahlman wrote:
> > On 4/19/05, Matthew Thomas <mpt myrealbox com> wrote:
> >...
> >>4.  Once I've opened foo, let me choose "View" > "as Browser" to turn it
> >>     into a browser window, and to let Nautilus know that I'll want that
> >>     folder as a browser window whenever I open it in the future.
> >>
> >>If this was implemented, the "Always open in browser windows" option,
> >>the "Browse Folder" command, and the "File Browser" application could
> >>all be removed, simplifying the interface. Once I'd set "Computer" and
> >>my home folder to "as Browser", I wouldn't need to use any special menu
> >>items or commands to open them as browsers any more; I could just open
> >>them normally and Nautilus would Do The Right Thing.
> >...
> > How persistant would the "morph" to browser mode be? Would all the
> > folders navigated to and below that one be in browser mode too or
> > would it jump back to spatial (basically making the feature a bit
> > silly)?
> >...
> Navigating subfolders within a browser would show them all in the same
> browser. Opening a subfolder in a separate window would present it in
> the remembered view (Icons/List/Browser) for that folder.

So the folder will have two states, depending on the actions you take
to reach it. Sounds like that would in effect break the spatial model
(which is really something that should be avoided).

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi

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